Intellectual Property simply means creations of the mind like inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; symbols, names and images used in commerce. The law recognises and protects these products of the human intellect from unauthorized use by others.

Intellectual property can be broadly classified into two: Industrial property and Copyright. Industrial property consists mainly of patents for inventions, industrial designs and trademarks. Copyright, however, is concerned with literary, artistic, musical works, cinematograph films, et cetera.

Intellectual property rights are the rights enjoyed by a person(s) over a product of the mind. They allow the creators or owners of copyrighted works, patent or trademark to take the benefits of their work.

Are you a talented writer, musician, actor? Do you do the business of graphic and sculptural works, audio-visual works, sound recordings? Are you a web designer, computer programmer? Have you ever invented anything? Do you want a brand name for your products and services? You need to know your intellectual property right and how you can protect it and make money from the creations of your mind.

There is need to protect your creativity from third parties’ use and prevent them from taking advantage of your right. What are you still waiting for? The time to act is NOW! Get a Lawyer to advise you on your intellectual property rights and how to protect them.



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