Let me share this story with you.

Kiki and Kemi are childhood friends. They have a lot of things in common. They grew up together in the same neighbourhood. They were also course mates at Yabatech. After their graduation, both of them joined the Entrepreneurial world and set up businesses as fashion designers.

Kemi’s business is flourishing and she has a wide Clientele. She brands her products as “Kemy Designs” but did not deem it necessary to register her business name.

Kiki has now registered her business with the name “Kemy Designs”. Kemi is angry with Kiki and feels betrayed.

What do you think Kemi should do in this circumstance? Should she continue branding her products as “Kemy Designs” while Kiki now has her business registered as “Kemy Designs”? If Kemy decides to register another business name, what happens to all her customers who already know her business as “Kemy Designs”?

You need to protect your business by registering it. Take that decision today and build a brand that is legally protected.


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